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Swiss administration office offers its employees a complete hybrid working experience.


With a wish to make better use of existing square feet, a large administration office in Switzerland had decided to shift its office campus into a hybrid workspace. More than 1,500 employees were spread across multiple seven-floor buildings and in addition to ensuring a successful shift to a hybrid workspace, the management had three main goals for the project:

● Make maximum use of all shared resources.

● Encourage collaboration among employees.

● Become an appealing employer regarding recruitment and retention.



While the flexibility of hybrid working is one of the most desired benefits an organization can offer its employees, hybrid working also has its downsides. The freedom of staff to work anywhere - remotely or on the company’s site - can isolate employees from their colleagues instead of facilitating collaboration. And with more than 1,500 employees spread across all corners of multiple multi-storied buildings on the large office campus, collaboration became at risk.

Employees in the office shared more resources than just desks including parking spaces and employee lockers, leaving a need for better management of the shared resources.


With the use of dashcom’s dashwork solution, it was possible to meet the client’s needs and overcome the challenges of transitioning into a hybrid workplace.

The office of the future is worker-centric and offers employees a premium experience. By integrating MapsIndoors into dashwork, dashcom and MapsPeople were able to take the experience in the office campus to the next level. The alliance ensures that employees will be equipped with live data, such as occupancy data or the location of colleagues, on a map of the office. This makes it faster and easier for them to make informed decisions about where to work or where to have their next meeting. In addition, MapsIndoors’ wayfinding feature makes it easier than ever for employees to get from their current location to their destination.

In an office environment where all resources are shared, dashwork empowers employees to easily get an overview of the facilities and of available resources when they need them. The application enables employees to find their colleagues in a large office campus, book their preferred workstation, locker, or parking spot before arriving, as well as everything else that’s needed in an efficient, hybrid working environment.


Optimizes collaboration between employees

Dashwork optimizes and improves collaboration between employees. Via the dashwork application, employees can get recommendations about where and if their colleagues are present, both in real-time and through an attendance calendar. They can even receive recommendations to book a workspace close to them.

Thanks to live data integrations that show real-time availability and occupancy of the facilities’ resources, the client gets the most out of their spaces. At the same time, resources that are not used despite being booked are freed up automatically for others to use them.


MapsIndoors is a key link in hybrid work solutions. It is an essential part of the workspace experience. MapsIndoors goes beyond wayfinding. It allowed us to offer a wide range of geodata-driven services from the "find my colleague" feature to our collaboration tool. The processing of indoor data enabled us to meet the issue of the weakening of exchanges and collaboration on corporate campuses.

Phillipe Jemelin
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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