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MapsPeople is a Google Premier Partner and seller of Google Maps Premium licenses – Google Maps APIs Premium Plan. We are handling the agreements and license inquiries on behalf of Google.


Google Maps Premium Plan is a collection of APIs that enable you to overlay your own data on a customised map from Google Maps.


By identifying the right license type and pricing, we provide organisations with access to the Google Maps Premium Plan. The type of license as well as the price of it depends on your specific case and needs.


As a Google Premier Partner, we are fully up-to-date with the latest products and technologies from Google Maps. We will assist you all the way from your initial inquiry to the implementation of your product.
If you are from any of the Nordic countries, we will assist you in your native language. You will also have a dedicated specialist that you can always talk to.

Google Maps APIs Premium Plan

Google Maps APIs Premium Plan grants you scaled access to the Google Maps APIs. You will have everything you need to create innovative applications across your platforms.


It provides you with enhanced features and added support to organisations that are adding maps to their fee-based websites or mobile apps, internal websites or asset tracking applications.


Google Maps APIs Premium Plan gives you:

  • Greater capacity for service requests such as geocoding
  • 24-hour technical support and service options with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Licenses for internal, OEM and asset tracking implementations
  • Guaranteed ad-free and enhanced API features


Once you sign up for the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan, you will receive a welcome letter from Google. It will contain a Project ID, Client ID, a private cryptographic key and a Google Account.


With your Premium Plan, you will gain access to a suite of services. For every API, you will find extensive documentation with API reference guides and developer’s guides. To learn more about the Google Maps APIs, please click here:

Go in-depth with Google Maps API Premium


Gain insights using Google Maps

Your mapping solution from Google Maps Premium allows you to make better decisions based on unique insights. It lets you see your information in a more meaningful way.


With Google Maps Premium, you will be provided with rich, multi-layered maps that can easily be combined with your data and third-party data. You will organise and optimise your information in an intuitive user interface, which will give you a whole new perspective on your business.


Google Maps Premium brings forth new possibilities to improve your business. There is three types of licenses that each contribute to making your operations better: Internal, external and asset tracking.

Asset Tracking

It is a complex task to keep track of all the moving pieces that make up a company. Google Maps Premium simplifies this task by giving organisations the necessary platform to monitor, manage, and protect important assets. From vehicle fleets and equipment to people working in the field. By tracking your assets, you do not only gain a great overview. You also generate an analytical insight that can optimise your use of assets, effectuate your route planning, and make your operations more efficient through tracking.
Examples on industries:

  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Internal Solutions

Combine your customer data and operational data with Google Maps. It allows you to analyse demographics and customer behaviour based on geography. This will allow you to make offerings that are more targeted and of higher relevance to each customer. You can map territories by area to improve visibility into your sales performance. If you need a Google Maps API to only function as a part of an internal website or application, you should contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from the Google Maps Premium Plan.
Examples on industries:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Government

External Solutions

Make your geospatial data accessible to everyone so that visitors can access your maps at any time. Your visitors will experience a higher level of interaction as you provide them with a great overview of your services. You gain full control over your map, including control over advertising. You can layer your map with your own data and from third-parties knowing that your data will be securely stored in Google Cloud. To make sure that visitors can always access your maps, you will get an SLA with 24-hour technical support.
Examples on industries:

  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Retail


Indoor navigation with Google Maps

MapsIndoors is a uniquely built indoor navigation platform. All MapsIndoors solutions are based on Google Maps, the world’s most popular atlas. This ensures great usability and future proofing for your indoor mapping solution.


By building MapsIndoors with Google Maps, you are able to offer your users a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation. The users of your MapsIndoors navigation system can get directions to anywhere inside your facility directly from the comfort of their own home.
With MapsIndoors CMS, you can easily manage and edit your indoor mapping solution. You can also gain deep insights into how people move around at your facility – knowledge that can be used to improve customer service and increase revenue.
By interfacing your indoor wayfinding solution with an indoor positioning system, you can use MapsIndoors CMS for location-based services such as advertising or information giving through push-notifications. You can also manage your indoor positioning system to always keep it up-to-date.

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