University wayfinding from outdoor to indoor

Campus mapping and wayfinding made easy

Picture an anxious student stumbling around an unfamiliar building trying to find a professor’s office (“room 345-56”). Add to that a guest lecturer who is 10 minutes late to a lecture, because he got lost on his way to the auditorium and you have an everyday scenario at universities around the globe. By offering a digital indoor wayfinding solution to students and staff you can make the issue of navigating vast campus areas history and improve everyday life for both students and staff.

As universities often consist of a range of buildings and campusses spread across cities, the transition from the outdoor world and into a building is a vital part of a university indoor wayfinding solution. MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps which makes the transition from outdoor to indoor navigation completely seamless. Students and staff can get a route directly from the comfort of their home to any point of interest on campus. It can be anything from the nearest parking lot to a classroom or a specific vending machine.

MapsIndoors University Wayfinding
Support new and current students with indoor wayfinding

Every semester, new and current students go through the same problems. Changing lecture plans, locating classrooms or even just finding the nearest printer is some of the many challenges that students face each semester. If you offer a digital indoor wayfinding solution to visitors and future students, you ensure that they get a great first impression of your university as being proactive and as modern as the world we live in.

New students, unfamiliar with the university and all the new faces, will benefit tremendously from being provided with an campus navigation platform. The assistance and security it provides to them will allow them to explore your campus and its many facilities without the risk of getting lost. 

Current students will also benefit greatly from digital university wayfinding. Finding their way to new parts of the campus and locating new classrooms will be easier than ever.

MapsIndoors Campus Wayfinding
Digital campus and university maps save time and costs

Universities are rapidly changing environments. Facilities are being renovated, meeting rooms are turned into classrooms and new buildings are added to accommodate expansion. The cost of maintaining traditional university signage throughout the campus and creating new campus maps is a very costly affair. Especially, when many campuses are around the same size as a small town.

With a combined outdoor to indoor navigation platform, you do not have to go through the costly affair of replacing all signs throughout the campus on a regular basis. A digital university wayfinding solution is easy and highly cost-effective to keep up-to-date. 

Staff members with no programming skills can easily update your university wayfinding platform to accommodate small changes using simple drag and drop. It has never been easier to continuously offer updated university wayfinding.

MapsIndoors University Wayfinding
Benefits of Indoor Wayfinding for Universities

  • Improve the university experience for new students
  • Navigate seamlessly from outdoor to indoor
  • Reduce the time your staff spends giving directions
  • Save money on traditional signage and printed maps
  • Improve the overall branding of your University

Case: Indoor navigation and digital wayfinding at University of Copenhagen

Find out how University of Copenhagen is using indoor navigation to support students and guide them to study rooms they didn't know existed.

CASE: University of Copenhagen

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