Indoor navigation for shopping malls and department stores

Enhance the shopping experience with Indoor Navigation

Imagine entering a large supermarket after at long day at work all of a sudden finding the pasta aisle seems like a daunting task. With MapsIndoors, you can offer shoppers an easy-to-use indoor navigation solution that will improve the shopping experience and provide you with numerous ways of increasing your revenue.

Indoor navigation is a great way to connect the in-store shopping experience with the digital world. Nowadays, shoppers are using their smartphones for all aspects of their shopping experience; from locating the store to sharing their purchases with friends and family. By providing them with an easy to use indoor navigation solution, you are improving their experience at your shop and making it more likely that they will become loyal to your brand.

We all love saving time and the main reason we use our smartphones when shopping is, that it saves us time. Because MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps, shoppers will always get the most optimal route from their current location to your shop and the transition from outdoor to indoor navigation is completely seamless. If you combine MapsIndoors with an indoor positioning system, you can take shoppers all the way from their home and to a specific product within your supermarket.

You can target shoppers with in-store offers and exclusive coupons. They will receive great offers on their smartphone and are likely to visit your store more often to find out what deals and coupons are available to them. 

Retail navigation - MapsIndoors

Target customers with location based ads

There is no better time to engage with your customers than when they are at your shop. With MapsIndoors and an indoor positioning system you can target shoppers with in-store offers and exclusive coupons based on their location. If a customer walks down the pasta aisle, you can let them know that the pesto is on offer and encouage them to expand their shopping list. Or how about giving them a 10 % discount voucher for their next visit once they are on their way out?

Retail navigation - MapsIndoors

Create a digital shopping experience

Many retailers underestimate the importance of digital and mobile devices and the influence they have on the brick-and-mortar retail experience. But the digital transformation is not bad news for retailers. It represents new opportunities to engage and connect with shoppers throughout the different stages of their shopping experience.

With MapsIndoors, you allow your customers to build shopping lists and create personalised routes through your shop - long before they actually walk through the door. Once at the shop, you can engage with them all the way through the aisles and when they return home, you can send them additional offers and suggestions based on the last visit to your supermarket. As a result, you are in the forefront of your customer's minds before, during and after their shopping trip and you enhance the relationship with your customers making it more likely that they will return to your shop.

MapsIndoors can be integrated across all modern day digital platforms such as smartphones, websites and info kiosks.

Retail navigation - MapsIndoors

Gain analytical insight and increase your revenue

With MapsIndoors and an indoor positioning system you can track people flow and store information on how your shop is being perceived by your customers. Knowing how your customers move around your supermarket can help you optimise the layout of the ailes and walkways and improve the placment of products. You might find that very few people actually pass by a shelf with an important promotion or discover that customers rarely pass by the toys' aisles. The insight you gain from your indoor navigation solution can be used to reposition certain products or to help you design future stores.

Retail navigation - MapsIndoors

Benefits of Indoor Navigation for Retail

  • Improve the customer experience and loyalty
  • Increase basket sizes through instore offers and coupons
  • Engage with customers throughout their shopping experience
  • Gain insights into people flow and optimise the layout of your shop
  • Improve the overall branding

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