Introducing the smart hospital

Combine all pertinent information regarding your hospital layout in one user-friendly mapping solution and reduce patient, visitor, and staff stress.

Enhance visitor experience with efficient wayfinding

Improve patients’ and visitors’ journey by letting them find the quickest and most efficient route through the hospital to the right room or ward, including the use of stairs and elevators. Reduce staff interruptions and avoid late and missed appointments due to patients getting lost.


Manage profile-based map view

Indoor mapping allows hospital management to optimize and enhance the route planning for all staff members. With the use of profile-based map view, you can give staff access to certain routes or shortcuts while patients and visitors are led to their destination via a different route. 

Visualize and track your assets

With data visualization, it becomes easier than to track and locate assets. Increase staff efficiency by enabling them with a visual overview of your hospital and where assets such as extra beds or wheelchairs are located in real-time.

Empower facility management with data insights

Dynamic mapping helps hospitals make better use of their existing spaces.

With the integration of an indoor positioning system, you can uncover insights into the hospital’s natural flow of people and identify the busiest routes through the hospital, whether medical staff are using the most efficient routes around the buildings, and notify users if they should avoid overcrowded areas.

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?