Letting Kids Be Kids
XPLORA uses Google Maps to locate children and to create a location experience for the whole family. Their watch phones ensures child safety without limiting independent play and exploration.
by more than 400,000 families worldwide
in four European countries and more coming


APIs Used

  • Geolocation API
  • Geocoding API
  • Maps SKD for Android
  • Maps SKD for iOS


Kids are curious and love to explore the world around them. However, it can be nerve-wracking for parents to let their young ones out into the world without knowing where they are or being able to contact them.

The lack of appropriate mobile products on the market designed and suited for young kids sparked the idea for XPLORA Kids. A phone watch that lets kids be kids without interruptions from social media and mobile games.

Besides the smart watch, XPLORA has also developed a parental app that gives parents peace of mind through location and connectivity features.


The whole idea behind the smartwatch is based on location: Knowing where your child is.

With Google Maps APIs, XPLORA is able to share a child’s location with parents through the parental app. Not only can parents see where their kids are, they also receive notifications if he or she enters or leaves a perimeter.

Through workshops in Aalborg and London with both MapsPeople and a Google Maps technical team, we have helped XPLORA delve into and understand the Google Maps Platform and all of its possibilities.

In addition, we’ve helped XPLORA look into other Google Cloud products to support them in their business development process.

In XPLORA we look for excellence in every corner of our business and MapsPeople and Google Maps exceeded our expectations.
Jesus Llamazares, CEO, XPLORA Technologies
Sharing kids’ location with their parents
Good opportunities for further development
Appropriate mobile product for younger kids