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Google chose MapsIndoors as their indoor wayfinding tool for 3,000 attendees at the Google Atmosphere Tokyo 2015 - a two-day executive event about the latest trends in technology. Google reused the solution in 2016 to once again offer attendees great indoor wayfinding.


Every year, Google host’s amazing events for executives from around the world with inspiration about the latest trends in technology. Google Atmosphere Tokyo 2015 took place over two days at seven different venues within the massive skyscraper Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo.

With 3,000 attendees, Google anticipated that many would ask for directions to one or more of the seven event venues spread across the different floors. This anticipation sparked the need for a less time-consuming and more efficient solution - and of course being Google, a digital solution. It had to be integrated to the information stands of Google’s own design and should provide easy indoor wayfinding at this complex venue. Furthermore, as an additional service to their attendees, the digital wayfinding system had to include relevant points of interest outside of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower such as restaurants and food courts, which they could be given directions to as well.


In collaboration with Google engineers, MapsIndoors was integrated in their information stands combining our indoor wayfinding tool with the visuals of Google Street View both outside and inside the venues. Attendees were able to easily get directions and digital wayfinding from the information stand to points of interest across the stories and around the buildings. By adding stairs and elevators to the digital map, attendees were always offered the fastest indoor routing option.

Google chose a time-efficient indoor mapping solution, which added value to the event and provided the attendees with a great overview of the venues and schedules. By using MapsIndoors, attendees were provided with information about everything from where outside restaurants were located to where the next keynote speaker spoke - and they were always given the fastest route.

Attendees valued the wayfinding tool so much that Google reused the solution for Google Atmosphre Tokyo 2016. Once again, attendees could get directions to all the important locations during the event. Also, look into our Google Maps for work offerings for more information about license and premium plans. 

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Bella Center Copenhagen - the largest conference and convention center in Scandianavia - is providing their visitors with indoor navigation at the events taking place in their largest convention center. With MapsIndoors being interfaced with an indoor positioning system, Bella Center Copenhagen can also leverage their MapsIndoors navigation platform as a way of generating revenue.

CASE: Bella Center Copenhagen

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