With MapsIndoors, Google wanted to ensure that the 10,000 attendees got the best possible experience at Google Next 2017.


With around 10,000 attendees, Google Next '17 is Google's largest ever single event.


Attendees at Google Next '17 could choose from 200 different sessions.


Throughout the year, Google hosts a range of events, which aim to bring together partners and businesses across the globe to share knowledge and ideas. One of these events is Google Next, which first saw daylight in 2016 under the name “GCP Next – Google Cloud Platform Global User Conference”. Originally intended as an event where communities could come together to explore the latest developments in cloud technology, this year Google Next aims to engage a lot more Google enthusiasts and tiers. As an example, The Google Partner Summit, which has previously been held as a separate event, is incorporated into Google Next, which makes it an event that brings together executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers and Google Engineers to talk about the future of the Google cloud.



A tightly packed programme and large exhibition halls lined with stands plus the sheer size of San Francisco can make it a daunting task for attendees to make their visit to Google Next 2017 the experience they want it to be. With more than 200 sessions, stands and events spread across the Moscone Centre and the Marriott Hotel in San Francisco, it is easy for attendees to get lost during Next 2017 and risk missing out on sessions they came a long way to be part of. Google wants to ensure that guests and partners get the best possible experience at the event, and that they are able to tailor an event program, which suits their needs. For Next 2017, Google provided a web app as a one-stop shop for event related information. They also wanted to include a digital wayfinding solution in the app to help visitors navigate the event venue and get directions to and from hotels and between the event venues. The ability to search for specific stands and other content on the map was also of great importance to Google.


MapsIndoors was chosen by Google as the official indoor navigation partner for Google Next 2017. MapsIndoors was available through the official Next ‘17 web app and allowed users to search for a range of content relevant to the event: Keynotes, sessions, workshops, codelabs and other temporary points of interest.


MapsIndoors allows attendees to tailor-make their own personal experience at Google Next 2017 through an extensive indoor mapping and wayfinding platform made available through the official Google Next 2017 web app. Users are able to:


  • Search for and find various categories within both the Moscone and the Marriott. Examples include specific stands, codelabs, keynotes, workshops and sessions.
  • See the route from their current location – eg. their hotel – and all the way to a specific stand or session within one of the event venues.
  • Create their personal program for the day by adding stops along their route.

​The Google admins can easily add temporary points of interest, which automatically disappear at a chosen point in time. This ensures that the map shown is always up to date with today’s activities.


MapsIndoors is built with the Google Maps technology and material design and is a great example of how Google Maps can be used to create custom solutions, which take the World’s greatest map even further.


The two Google Next ‘17 venues, Moscone and the Marriott San Francisco, were available in the app and as MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps, users benefited from seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation. This allowed them to see routes between the venues and all the way to a specific stand or to a codelab.

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