Waste Tackling Technology
Optimizing waste management in towns and cities around the world by automating the planning of waste collection, Enevo provides actionable insights to address the inefficiencies of waste logistics.
reduction in costs for Enevo customers

APIs Used

  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps Geolocation API
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API


Waste and recycling services are usually performed with static schedules regardless of actual needs. In addition, operations and planning software, including in-vehicle computer systems in waste collection trucks, tend to be costly, outdated, and difficult to use.

Enevo wanted to change this by providing customers with intuitive devices and software, while also making it easy for its programmers to develop these tools. Often, the user experience for enterprise devices and software is poorly designed compared to that of consumer products – Enevo wanted to create a solution that challenged that tendency.


Enevo developed wireless smart sensors and placed them in trash and recycling bins to measure the level of their contents. The cloud-based application uses this sensor data to calculate trends and predict when containers will be full. With these insights customers can right-size their operations and plan demand-driven routes for drivers. The application also tracks GPS traces from collection vehicles to show drivers’ progress in real time.

The company chose to develop this modern, sustainable system using Google Maps APIs because of its intuitive set-up and the customizable options they provide to developers.

As the world’s population increases and more waste is generated, we need to ensure waste collection is as efficient as possible. We use Android devices to develop modern tools and apps for our users. It helps us deliver a product that’s both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.
Pirkka Palomäki, CTO, Enevo
Enabled waste management companies to see an entire overview of operations and plan the most effective collection routes based on demand
Provided waste generators with actionable insights to right-size their waste management services, validate the services provided, and improve asset utilization
Helped customers cut costs by 50% by reducing the number of waste trucks needed on the road and time drivers spend on collection routes