El Dorado International Airport
Stress-free Airport Experience
By equipping travellers with a fast and easy-to-use indoor navigation tool, El Dorado International Airport improves the airport experience and increases the revenue.
Square meters of terminal
Passengers each year


As one of the busiest airports in the world, the Colombian El Dorado International Airport knew of all the concerns that passengers might experience at their airport; the difficulty of navigating through the vast terminal area of more than 173,000 square meters being an important one of these.
El Dorado International Airport already had simple digital maps on their website, but it did not provide travellers with an interactive indoor floor plan or with indoor navigation.

Travellers had to resort to airport staff who in return spent a tremendous amount of time directing passengers to the right destinations – and as the third largest airport in Latin America with more than 27 million passengers per year, time spent on giving directions and guiding people around can turn out to be very costly.

This inefficient way of getting people to where they are going created a need for a better indoor mapping solution. But this time it had to provide travellers with interactive indoor airport navigation to gates, shops and restaurants.


El Dorado International Airport wanted an indoor airport map that travellers could easily access through their website or the airport’s app. With MapsIndoors, travellers always have an airport wayfinding tool at the palm of their hand creating a less stressful experience. Travellers are also offered indoor navigation to all points of interest at the airport; shops, restaurants, gates, restrooms and more.

In the directory, passengers can select their destination. Once selected, the system will always provide you with the fastest route to your destination using Bluetooth beacons to guide you.

A user-friendly and intuitive indoor navigation system generates more profit for the airport as time is now spent in the duty-free area rather than by waiting at the gates. By equipping passengers with MapsIndoors, they now have the stress-free time to spend in the airport’s shops and restaurant.

The new airport navigation app is assisting travellers in many ways to reduce stress and hassle. Already up to their arrival at the airport, they are provided with transit directions and live parking spot availability to make sure that they arrive well and hassle-free to the airport.

By incorporating flight tracking into the app, travellers get real-time flight information of inbound and outbound flights. They can even create a flight alert to immediately receive critical information about their flight. With all these great features, the El Dorado Airport App is truly built to give peace of mind to passengers.

El Dorado International Airport has equipped passengers with a fast and easy-to-use indoor navigation solution that improves the overall experience of the airport and its shops and restaurants.
Improved airport experience
Increased revenue
Employees spend less time giving directions