University of Copenhagen
The Better Campus
University of Copenhagen helps students, professors and visitors navigate through their vast campus by combining outdoor and indoor navigation with MapsIndoors.

The Copenhagen University Solution


At the beginning of every academic term, you are guaranteed to find groups of students not being able to find classrooms, offices or canteens – and the University of Copenhagen is no exception to that. As a student, finding your way around the campus can prove to be difficult and it only gets harder when lectures are moved from one classroom to another.


University of Copenhagen already used printed campus maps and information boards around their four campuses in the city. However, with more than 38,000 students and over 9,000 employees, the university management found the need for a better university wayfinding solution. A solution that could get people to where they are going – faster and more consistently.

Additionally, an internal survey showed that students felt the need for more study spaces and rooms for group work. However, the campus administration knew that many spaces and rooms were left unused most of the time.


A wish from the university management to provide better service to their students and employees sparked the need for doing things differently. They wanted a more intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective indoor mapping solution compared to the traditional printed maps – and they found it in MapsIndoors, their new university wayfinding system.


MapsIndoors was launched at the Faculty of Social Sciences with the plan of expanding the solution to the entire university to give both students and employees a better experience of being at the University of Copenhagen. We based their solution on Google Maps combining both outdoor and indoor navigation for optimal route planning. You could now get turn-by-turn navigation from your home and directly to your classroom.

Students, lecturers and visitors are now able to get a great overview of the entire campus with their new university wayfinding tool. MapsIndoors allows students to navigate themselves to rooms they perhaps never knew of thereby making better use of every corner of the campus. Quickly and effortlessly, they search for and find points of interest and get routes directly from their location to their destination.

University of Copenhagen wanted more intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective indoor mapping solution compared to the traditional printed maps
Reduces stress and chaos - especially among freshmens
More intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective than traditional signage
Employees spend less time giving directions