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Copenhagen Airport offers travelers indoor navigation at the palm of their hand to reduce stress and improve passenger experience.
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Copenhagen Airport App

Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in the Nordic Countries with almost 30 million travelers in 2017. The airport has two terminals.


For both novice and experienced travellers, navigating through large airports trying to find the right gate can be a stressful part of travelling. Signs and monitors aim to take the edge off the pressure but the reality is that most of us endure some form of stress when visiting airports. This assumption is supported by an industry survey done by SITA, which shows that airport passengers find indoor navigation to be the most desired mobile feature and 80% of passengers find it either critical or very important when travelling through airports.


The management at Copenhagen Airport knew, that their terminals were no exception to this rule and wanted to find an indoor navigation solution, which could provide travellers at Copenhagen Airport with a better and more stress-free experience. Furthermore, they wanted to allow travellers to spend more time in the duty-free area and hereby increase the overall revenue of the airport. To save cost and time, Copenhagen Airport wanted a single, interactive indoor map that they could integrate across their platforms – their app, webpage and their digital monitors and information kiosks.

The Indoor mapping and wayfinding solution, MapsIndoors, has been integrated into the CPH Airport app with more than 100.000 downloads.Travellers can get an overview of the entire airport and see points of interest (POIs) such as restrooms, shops, information desks and gates. MapsIndoors will also be implemented on and in information kiosks at the airport.


With the MapsIndoors CMS, Copenhagen Airport have full control of all POIs shown on the map and can easily edit, and delete POIs. This makes it easy and highly cost-effective when new shops move in to the duty-free area or when simple layout changes occur.


MapsIndoors fulfills the wish for a user-friendly and interactive indoor map offering passengers easy airport navigation to shops, gates and other points of interest. Instead of spending time finding their gate and waiting at it, travellers can now explore the many shops and restaurants at the airport.


Read more about indoor navigation for airports, or check out the CPH Airport app with MapsIndoors

CPH Airport App

Copenhagen Airport takes their travellers on a stress-free journey through their airport by providing easy and fast airport navigation with MapsIndoors.
Reduces passenger stress and improves the airport experience
Enhances airport infrastructure
Reduces the time employees spend on giving directions