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ABAX develops and provides world-leading technology that helps customers manage vehicle fleets, track trips, avoid tax penalties, and reduce fuel spending.
More than 9,000,000 kilometers driven daily
230,000 +
More than 230,000 active units

APIs used

  • Google Maps Javascript API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API


Companies with vehicle fleets require documentation showing that vehicles are used for business rather than personal purposes. If they lack the proper documentation they can face stiff tax penalties.

ABAX sells a vehicle-tracking GPS device called ABAX Triplog. Triplog can trace all of a vehicle’s travels, providing proof it was used for valid company business.

ABAX needed a mapping platform to use in concert with Triplog.


Google Maps was chosen as the mapping platform for Triplog due to its accuracy and it being the most up-to-date map on the market. In addition, Google Maps APIs are more powerful and simpler to use than competing platforms.

By using the Google Maps Javascript API, ABAX has build a website that customers use to view where vehicles have traveled and as proof they were used for business purposes. Triplog can also be used to route company vehicles.

ABAX uses the reverse geocoding feature of the Google Maps Geocoding API to determine the precise locations of vehicles for dispatching.

Google Maps is ideal for helping our customers track vehicle fleets to show they aren’t being used for personal business. Companies also use it for dispatching to save on fuel costs.
Glenn Bergan, Chief Technology Officer, ABAX
ABAX has saved its customers nearly 3,400 person-hours a month due to more efficient vehicle-dispatching
Customers’ vehicle-related expenses were reduced by 20%, including for fuel, maintenance, and insurance
Customers have decreased their fleet fuel use by more accurately dispatching vehicles to their locations