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Q3 2023

MapsIndoors is constantly advancing, equipping you with increasingly robust capabilities and enhanced efficiency. Discover the freshest updates and innovations straight from MapsIndoors.

Flutter and React Native

We're thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in our commitment to delivering a seamless experience for developers. Introducing our new Flutter and React Native bindings, offering you an effortless way to integrate our technology into your mobile applications regardless of your map solution being built on Google Maps or Mapbox.

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These bindings are designed to simplify the integration process, allowing you to harness the power of our platform without the need for in-depth knowledge of native mobile development. With these bindings, you can unlock the full potential of our indoor mapping technology while leveraging the familiar environments of Flutter and React Native.

Find the full documentation for Flutter and React Native on our documentation site.

Map Template updates

The Map Template is your fast track to fast and easy launch of complete map solutions with all essential UI elements bundled for your convenience. We are in constant perfection mode and continue to finetune and improve the capabilities of the Map Template. 

An important aspect of the Map Template is the ability to configure the behavior of the app. This can easily be done through the URL parameters. Recent improvements count:

  • Added support for customizing and changing the primary color property throughout the whole app
  • Support for using the start Zoom level


General improvements to the Map Template app experience include: 

  • Turn-by-turn directions in a folded-out view
  • Support for driving and biking transportation modes when getting directions
  • Support for hiding the visibility of the External IDs by default on the Location Details and Directions page

CMS updates

We're thrilled to introduce a range of enhancements that will streamline your map management experience, boost performance, and add eye-catching visual effects to your maps.


Performance improvements

Efficiency upgrades: Experience a smoother CMS operation, especially when handling large solutions with numerous Points of Interest (POIs) and Route Elements. We've optimized performance to ensure your CMS remains responsive and efficient.


Improved Functionality and Usability

Hover Effects: Hover effects are back! Now, you can effortlessly see room or area polygons when moving your mouse over them, providing you with enhanced map visualization.

Duplicating Locations: Simplify your workflow by using hotkeys for duplicating locations (Ctrl-D), making it quicker and easier to create and manage map content.

Media Library Enhancements: We've made several improvements to the Media Library, including the ability to use radialGradient tags in SVG files, allowing "?" in file names, and adding helpful tooltips for the Upload button and search bar. Also now, you can search for specific file extensions in the Media Library, making it easier to find and manage your media assets.


Efficient Data Management

Generic Custom Properties: Introducing Language Independent Custom Properties, a versatile feature for tagging data with key/value pairs relevant to your applications. These values remain accessible to your apps regardless of the end user's language, making it ideal for storing non-translatable information such as room booking status or location IDs.

More User-Friendly Functionality: We've added more user-friendly features, such as canceling actions with the Esc key while adding new locations or route elements, dynamic icon updates when changing location types, and alerts when switching pages with unsaved changes to locations or route elements.

Building ID Integration: Building IDs are now displayed in the Building list for improved organization and management.

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What’s to come...

We are thrilled to share an exclusive glimpse into our future roadmap initiatives. At MapsPeople, we believe in continually pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that maximize the value of your indoor mapping solution. Get ready for a journey filled with cutting-edge features, enhanced functionalities, and remarkable advancements.

New labels
Regardless of your type of map solution and implementation being based on Map Template, kiosk or even SDKs, we want to make sure that labels look amazing. With a complete redesign of labels, we are making it possible to style labels in the CMS.

Enhanced zoom levels
To allow for better control, more visible content and an even better map experience, we are setting a new standard for indoor map capabilities. 
We are implementing zoom level 25 on MapsIndoors solutions built on Mapbox. This makes it possible to zoom in even further and our Display rules are updated to adhere to the new zoom levels.

This and much more is already in the making. Stay tuned for our upcoming product announcements, beta releases, and exciting previews. 


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