The 2022 Office

Safe. Collaborative. Hybrid.

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As much as we would all like to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, the 2022 workplace is highly shaped by the events of the past years.

Workplace collaboration and safety are now top priorities. Hybrid working is the new buzzword. And technology is now playing an even more important role than it was just a year ago. The ability to commit to innovation has helped workplaces withstand uncertain times, and will continue to drive businesses and organizations to success in 2022 as employees once again return to the office.

Twenty-twentytwo will be the year of safe, collaborative, integrated, and hybrid workplaces. But how do you combine ‘hybrid’ with ‘integrated’ and ‘collaborative’? And how do you create a safe workplace when the threat is suddenly a virus instead of the more tangible risk of accidents?

In this guide we deep dive into the three most important trends of the 2022 office and show you how to navigate the challenges, harness the opportunities, and create the workplace of the future.

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