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Competitive Landscape: Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping is no longer an option - it is an expectation!


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MapsPeople is listed as one of eight indoor mapping providers in Gartner's latest 'Competitive Landscape: Indoor Mapping' report.

Gartner recognizes MapsPeople as one of the vendors with "the largest footprints in the commercial building map space" and highlights the MapsIndoors Platform for its capabilities to integrate with any third party system and 2D and 3D map creation.

According to Gartner, the MapsIndoors platform differentiates "with its breadth of use cases and capabilities that it can support across many different verticals...". Gartner also mentions how the MapsIndoors wayfinding solution works offline, which is another differentiator.

If you want to know more about indoor mapping, download the report and use Gartner's expert insights to explore the competitive landscape and to compare indoor mapping platforms.

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