The Modern Workplace

Optimize your facilities with meeting management and indoor navigation

Mobile booking app with indoor navigation

Complete meeting management system


Booking meetings with catering services, visitors and the correct meeting room has never been easier.


Everything directly within Microsoft Outlook and it includes floor plans and indoor navigation from a mobile booking app, Microsoft Outlook and wayfinding monitors.


The reporting and analytics tool can for instance help you understand how your office space is used, which visitors are in the building and what meetings are planned today.

Desk and room booking software that makes your office smarter


Your office space can be smarter and utilized better.


Mapspeople and Fischer & Kerrn have launched their workplace optimization tools for smarter booking of conference rooms, desks and meetings. Everything combined with a unique indoor turn by turn navigation system.


You will never again have to struggle with booking and finding your desk and conference room.

Three technologies merge


With the combination of MapsPeople’s indoor navigation solution MapsIndoors and Fisher & Kerrn’s meeting management and room booking system you’ll have the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use system.
Users will have door-to-door navigation in the palm of their hand. This allows them to always find nearby points of interest, direct routes to meeting rooms, and book the facilities they need.
The MapsIndoors part of the solution will be based on Google Maps technology, while the Fischer & Kerrn solution is based on Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. Using MapsIndoors and Fischer & Kerrn’s booking system in one unified system provides you with a very unique and user-friendly workplace management solution.

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