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Platform flexibility

MapsIndoors allows you to quickly and easily integrate relevant data to your map. For end-users this will result in a dynamic, relevant, and personalized indoor experience. See our showcases here.

We’ve worked with a broad area of systems and we also, case by case, develop new ways to integrate to new systems.

  • Facility management
  • Queue management
  • Push marketing/Geo marketing
  • Parking lot management
  • Timetables (flights/trains/Events)
  • Various Calendar systems
  • Asset tracking (Equipment sharing, fleet management and even people)

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Design your solution

The MapsIndoors platform is the foundation for your solution on which you can add all the add-ons and integrations you need. 

Add-ons are additional MapsIndoors features such as Dashboard, Automatic Tile Generation, SMS module, Augmented Reality, and IndoorView developed by MapsPeople.

Integrations are third-party systems that you plug into your MapsIndoors solution. It can be systems that you’re already using or systems that you wish to implement together with your solution. 


Businesses evolve and new needs occur, but don’t worry, you can always add new integrations and add-ons or remove existing ones.


Talk to us about your needs  


SMS module

Do you have kiosks near your entrances to give visitors an overview as soon as they enter your building? With the SMS module they can have the directions to their destination sent directly from your kiosk to their mobile device. This way, they don’t have to worry about remembering the entire route from point A to point B. It’s right there in the palm of their hand.





Excite your visitors with interactive panoramas like the ones you know from Google Maps Street View. IndoorView allows you to give end-users virtual tours of your facilities, so they can prepare their visit. Show them what they have to look forward to and help them create the ultimate experience.



Keeping track of your data can be tricky. The Analytics Dashboard provides you with high-level metrics about your data and gives you insights into the details of your data, like showing which Categories and Location Types exist in which Buildings. It also helps you detect discrepancies from that data. An unbeatable overview of your facilities and your data.




Augmented Reality

By pairing your MapsIndoors solution with augmented reality you make wayfinding even easier. The combination allows you to show users the relevant information they need on their journey, such as turns, distances, information about points of interest, and more. It’s easy, it’s intuitive, and it’s forward-thinking.


Automatic Tile Generation

Your map consists of tiles we create when we digitize your map, but with Automatic Tile Generation you can edit, add, and delete areas on your map whenever you’d like. We generate new tiles for you every night, so your map stays up-to-date and always meets your needs.






Anything is possible

We take pride in working closely together with our customers and creating new features to meet their needs. Several of our add-ons have been designed and developed on request from our clients. If you need a feature that is not yet among our add-ons, make sure to tell us about it and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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