The endless possibilities of the MapsIndoors platform

Customized to meet your needs


Being an independent platform with open interfaces MapsIndoors can easily be combined with a great number of third party systems. This allows us to provide you with a solution that meets your specific requirements and needs.


We’ve worked with a broad area of systems that integrated well with MapsIndoors. We also, case by case, develop new ways to integrate to new systems.


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Integration examples


Can’t find your type of system below? Don’t worry, we will find a solution that works for you.

  • Facility management
  • Queue management
  • Product management in Retail
  • Push marketing
  • Geo marketing
  • Parking lot management
  • Timetables (flights/trains/Events)
  • Google Calendar
  • Asset tracking (Equipment sharing, fleet management and even people)


Talk to us about your needs


Want to see MapsIndoors in action?


If you want to see our indoor navigation platform MapsIndoors in action, go to our demo page to watch the video. If you want a personalized experience, you can also book a live demo with one of our experts.


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