Find the right Google Maps API

Find the right Google Maps API

Learn more about the suite of feature-rich APIs for mobile devices and web. Google Maps APIs are native to each platform and categorised by these. There are Google Maps APIs available for Android, iOS, Web and Web services. 


You can get help below to identify which API you need. On the bottom of the page, you will find a summary of all the Google Maps APIs. If you have questions about what API is the right for you, please contact us and our specialists will assist you.

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Android & iOS

Google Maps API - Premium Plan - iOS & Android
Build full-featured iOS and Android apps with the APIs for mobile. With the Google Maps SDK and API for iOS and Android, you can make your app location-aware, find relevant points of interest nearby and include maps that are rich in data.
With Google Maps Android API and Google Maps SDK for iOS, you can integrate base maps, 3D buildings, indoor floor plans and add Google Street View to your app. You can also customise your app with infoboxes, polylines and custom markers.
Google Places API for Android and iOS lets you implement location data from the same database used by Google Maps. Add the place picker UI widget to your app, so that users can choose between nearby places with the place autocomplete feature, which automatically fills in the names or addresses of the typed place. Google Places API also lets you retrieve rich details and contacts for millions of places.

Android & iOS


Google Maps API for Web - Premium Plan - MapsPeople
Embed Google Maps with all its features and functions in your website. Use the Google Maps APIs for Web to get rich maps, accurate directions and Street View. 
With the Google Maps JavaScript API, you can customise and develop your own maps with your own content and imagery. If you want to keep it simply, the Google Maps Embed API will bring Google Maps to your website with simple HTML. With both APIs you get base maps, basic Street View, satellite imagery and access to turn-by-turn directions for traffic, bicycles and public transportation.
Google Street View Image API let you dive into real-world imagery with 360-degree panoramas. You specify latitude and longitude or a panorama ID to find your location and to determine the direction and angle of the camera. 
You can also display your map like and image using the Google Static Maps API. Use your addresses or coordinates to specify the locations and integrate your maps as base maps, styled maps or satellite imagery. Add custom markers, polylines and shapes to customise it. Your map will be displayed as an image based on URL parameters sent through a standard HTTPS request.
Finally, you can have access to local data from around the world with the Google Places API JavaScript Library. With up-to-date information about millions of places, you get access to place search based on the user's location and search. Return detailed information about every place including contact information and user reviews. When a user starts to search for a location, the Google Places autocomplete will fill-in the name or address of the place being typed.


Web Services

Google Maps API for Web Service and HTTP
Implement scalable APIs for any app or website with the extensive Google Maps APIs. Access HTTP interfaces and provide geographic data like geocoding, directions, elevation, time zone information and places.
Get directions between locations with the Google Maps Directions API. It will allow you to plan trips using multiple modes of transportation such as transit, driving, walking and cycling. Using waypoints, you can plan a route with up to 23 locations and the travel time will be estimated based on historical and current traffic conditions.
Google Maps Distance Matrix API allows you to precisely calculate the travel time and distance between your locations based on a recommended route and your modes of transportation.
With the Google Maps Roads API, you are able to identify the roads that a vehicle was travelling along while it provides you with additional services such as speed limits for each road segment. You also enable snap-to-road to accurately trace GPS breadcrumbs along the road.
Google Maps Geolocation API lets you return a locations and accuracy radius based on information from cell towers and WiFi signals that the mobile client can detect. 
The Google Maps Places API Web Service lets you add up-to-date information about all the millions of locations in Google Maps. Search for places based on a user's location and return detailed information about specific locations. You can also add new places to supplement the database with data from your own application.
Google Maps Geocoding API is a service that enables you to provide geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses. In its simplicity, it lets you convert an address into geographic coordinates and vice versa.
Using Google Maps Elevation API, you can provide elevation data for anywhere on the surface of the Earth. It also includes depth locations on the ocean floor.
Finally, the Google Maps Time Zone API provides time offset data for locations around the world. You request time zone information for a specific coordinate and will in return be provided with the name of the time zone, the daylight savings offset and the time offset from UTC.

Web Services

Google Maps Premium Plan - Google Maps for Work - API for Web

Google Maps APIs for Web:

  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Google Static Maps API
  • Google Street View Image API

Web Services
Google Maps API - Web Services - Google Maps for Work

Google Maps APIs for Web Services:

  • Google Maps Directions API

  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API

  • Google Maps Roads API

  • Google Maps Geolocation API

  • Google Places API

  • Google Maps Geocoding API

  • Google Maps Elevation API

  • Google Maps Time Zone API

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Android & iOS
Google Maps for Work -  API for Android & iOS - MapsPeople

Google Maps APIs for iOS and Android:

  • Google Maps Android API
  • Google Maps SDK for iOS