Why choose MapsIndoors as your indoor wayfinding solution?

MapsIndoors is designed to make navigating large indoor spaces easier and stress-free and to unlock new ways for you to increase your revenue. The indoor wayfinding platform can be used at any large venue such as airports, shopping centres, convention centers, universities, hospitals and sports arenas. MapsIndoors has a range of benefits: The solution is built on Google Maps, which ensures a seamless transition from outside to inside your venue plus a high level of familiarity, as everyone is used to the map design and functionality. Furthermore, you can easily update location based data such as points of interest on the map via the MapsIndoors Content Management System (CMS). MapsIndoors can easily be integrated with an indoor positioning system, which will unlock even more potential.

How does indoor wayfinding work?

Indoor wayfinding brings all the known benefits of outdoor navigation indoors. It provides users with a digital navigation tool, which helps them find their way around large indoor spaces using only their smartphones. Traditionally, people would use maps or information desks when they needed directions inside a building but with our indoor wayfinding solution, indoor wayfinding has become digital.

What is indoor positioning?

GPS doesn’t work inside buildings. When we want routing from A to B inside, we need to apply a different positioning technology. There are a range of options available such as beacons, WiFi Positioning, positioning via magnetic fields and via lighting. MapsIndoors can be interfaced to any of the above and the most suitable indoor positioning technology depends on the venue type and on the solution requirements.

Why should we use indoor positioning?

When you combine your indoor wayfinding solution with an indoor positioning technology, you unlock a whole range of added benefits such as “Find nearest” and real time routing from A to B. You will also be able to gain insight into how people move around your venue and send customers and visitors push notifications based on their current location.

Which indoor positioning system should we use?

This depends entirely on the venue type, solution requirements and your budget. We can always advise you on which indoor positioning system, we think is best suited for your needs.

How do you move from outdoor to indoor navigation?

Because MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps, the transition from outdoor to indoor navigation is completely seamless. This means that the user can get a route from their home and all the way to a specific point of interest inside the building.

How do we make changes to information shown on the indoor maps?

We know that very few indoor spaces are static, so we have developed an Indoor Navigation Content Management System, which allows you to add, edit and delete points of interest and add images and text to all indoor locations. For convention centers, the MapsIndoors CMS is often used to make changes to floorplans as layouts change based on specific events. The MapsIndoors CMS is easy to use and does not require any programming skills.

Where is movement data stored? Does Google store anything and if yes, what?

All movement data is stored in our data centre and not shared with anyone, including Google. The client owns all data and is free to use it to create heat maps or use it in other ways.

Can we get Indoor Wayfinding if we don’t have an app?

MapsIndoors is delivered as SDKs and APIs so you can easily integrate it into existing apps, websites and/or info kiosks. If you don’t have an app, we can help you with that as well.

We already have an app. Can MapsIndoors be integrated into an existing app?

Through the MapsIndoors SDKs and APIs, you can integrate the indoor wayfinding solution into your existing app. You can read more about the technical specifications under “Developers“.

I want to resell MapsIndoors. Do you work with Partners?

Yes, we work with partners across the globe to market and sell our indoor wayfinding solution, MapsIndoors. You can read more about the MapsPeople Partner Program here. If you think the product fits well in your portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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