MapsPeople partners with Swedish WiBrick

Our global network of strategic partners is growing and we are happy to announce that we have joined forces with Swedish WiBrick to further establish our foothold in the Swedish Market for our indoor wayfinding solution, MapsIndoors.


WiBrick have specialised in the field of indoor positioning and proximity marketing and with their iBeacon module with inbuilt Bluetooth Smart module they enable venues like hospitals, shopping centers, universities and other large venues to send visitors and customers notifications based on their position inside the building. The WiBrick beacons can also be used for the all important “blue dot” in an indoor wayfinding app, as well as for campaigns and presentation of other position based information.


“MapsIndoors delivers a high quality and secure solution that provides our customers with good functionality and adds value to their businesses”, says Karl-Johan Wirfalk, CEO Wibrick.


The WiBrick iBeacons run on a powerful flat lithium battery, which used very little power. The result is a beacon, which can run for a very long time and be used for a variety of needs.


“MapsIndoors is enhanced through the use of a good indoor positioning system and with WiBrick, future Swedish customers get just that. A whole new world of possibilities open up, when the indoor positioning system and the indoor maps are combined, which we look forward to presenting to the Swedish market. Furthermore, WiBrick has a profound understanding of potential business cases across Sweden, so we are confident that the newly formed partnership will benefit not only us, but also our future customers” says Christian Frederiksen, Head of Partner Management at MapsPeople.


About WiBrick

Wibrick Solutions develops and delivers systems that provide location-based information, indoor navigation and marketing iBeacons. Wibrick Solutions AB is a family owned company operating globally with offices in Borås.


Do you want to explore the possibilities of becoming a MapsPeople strategic partner? You can read more about our Partner Program on our website and if you should have any questions or cases you wish to discuss, please just get in touch.