How indoor navigation is helping universities with a smooth semester start

Universities around the world share the same challenge during the semester start every year: hundreds of thousands of confused students. Keeping the overview of all deadlines for necessary registrations, the pressure to select the right courses or staying updated with all freshman events are just a few examples of struggles that new students deal with. Thus, navigating through campus should better not be an additional problem for them. This blog post will point out why indoor navigation can help solving this issue.


University campuses often spread out across different locations around the cities and over a really large area. Furthermore, the institutions’ buildings are usually large-sized with multiple floors and numerous passageways. A common picture at the first days of the semester: disoriented students.


Consequential, questions from freshmen are mounting. Danish universities experience the same trend. Inquiries from students surpass peaks this first week of September, which gets visible in the following graph:


Average trend for university calls based on 3 Danish universities | ©MapsPeople



Common questions that users asked refer to the location issues like where to find the nearest printer, toilet, canteen or specific class and meeting room. The relevance of an indoor wayfinding solution is obvious.


But not only students struggle to navigate through campus, teachers or professors face the same challenge. Thus, both students and staff do benefit from guidance along the way. Nobody will be late for lectures because of not finding the right room anymore. Also it will not be a problem to find the fastest way to get a coffee after a rough morning or to get details about particular office hours. Everyone can easily access all necessary information.
An indoor navigation solution certainly helps students and staff to get a smooth start so that everyone is much more self-reliant and less stressed.


Built on Google Maps, MapsIndoors makes the transition from outdoor to indoor navigation completely seamless. Students and staff can get a route directly from the comfort of their home to any point of interest on campus.
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