Architectural overview

Why architecture matters

If you’re building a house, a solid foundation is paramount. The same goes for a software solution.

We know you’re putting a lot of effort into researching every aspect of your indoor wayfinding project so why not choose a provider that does the same thing. We believe there’s no such thing as spending too much time on architecture.

That’s why we plan and challenge every step of our solution and work hard on keeping it the best of breed. With MapsIndoors’ well planned design we give you an indoor navigation platform that covers your needs and extends and scales with your company. We give solid and reliable software that brings your users to where they need to go.

The architectural overview


MapsIndoors is a cloud-based Saas platform consisting of four elements:

  • The MapsIndoors Cloud serves as the rock-solid backbone of the indoor navigation platform
  • The MapsIndoors CMS is a single point of entry to edit and update your indoor maps and wayfinding platform. Any information shown on the map can be altered at any time, which means that you are always in full control
  • The MapsIndoors Data API allows you to draw data from the other systems you’re using, such as your queue management systems, booking systems, or content management system
  • The MapsIndoors SDKs are used to build the indoor navigation solution whether you want to integrate it into your existing app or use our state-of-the-art MapsIndoors app

The underlying magic

MapsIndoors is a platform with endless possibilities. It’s built with hard work and innovative technology making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for an accurate wayfinding solution that allows you to guide people to where they want to go, interface with third party systems, spend as little time possible on maintenance, and gain insight.

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