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For more than 115 years (since 1897 to be exact), we have worked with maps and helped people navigate the world. From hand-drawn maps to today's cutting-edge indoor mapping technology; that is exactly what makes us industry experts. We have worked with traditional mapping for more than 100 years, web mapping for than 18 years and Google Maps for than 7 years. Today, our flagship indoor navigation solution, MapsIndoors, is taking both us and our customers into the next era of mapping.

Our HQ is located in Northern Denmark in the city of Nørresundby. Take a tour of our cool offices below. We also have an office in Copenhagen, Denmark.



MapsIndoors - Indoor mapping and navigation

Built with Google Maps, MapsIndoors can take your users from anywhere outside your facility to any point of interest inside your building. It can be customised to fit your needs and style and can be integrated into an existing app, website or information kiosk. With MapsIndoors CMS, staff members with no programming skills can easily update, edit and manage your indoor mapping solution. It has never been easier to offer your visitors and customers indoor navigation and wayfinding. 

Google Maps for Work Premier Partner

We provide business solutions to a large number of clients throughout Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. As a Google Premier Partner, we provide enterprises with access to Google Maps for Work. It allows companies to excel their businesses using the world's most popular digital map.  

Explore our showcases to see some of the companies that already use MapsIndoors and Google Maps for Work.

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